We are a medium-sized company of qualified employees in the field of weighing and bagging technology. Our professionals develop and manufacture modern and innovative solutions around weighing, conveying, or bagging.

We create new concepts every day and solutions for various applications in this field of activity.

The product range of SSB Products beginn by the classic weighing of bulk material to the filling of Open mouth, valve or FFS bags. Also the filling of Big-Bags, oktabins or other boxes is part of our activities.
Another field is the loading of tank-trucks or containers. In the last period we develope special weighers and loading machines for this applications

Since 1996, we have successfully co-operated as the German agent of Payper Absacktechnik. We offer unrestricted services and stock spare parts for this range of machines.



We have full service in all mechanical and electronic applications around the weighing and bagging technology.

We are working according our slogan: “Service just in time“.


Since more than 20 years activities in many fields we have a lot of references.

We are working for the big plant engineers companies, the chemical industrie, the production factories or the logistics enterprises with their complexed applications.


Different applications needs different kind of machines and their technologies. Our bagging machines and palletisers are used in a lot of companies where bulk solids products (powders or granules) are manufactured or handled, in any type of bags and big-bags.