Air Packer PFG 10

Bagging machine with fluidization function

Bags: valve bags

Capacity: up to 400 bags/hour

The PFG-10 air packer is specially designed for bagging powder or finely granulated products in valve bags and is based on product fluidization during the filling process. This robust, user- friendly machine has a wide range of application in many different industries, such as the chemical industry, mining, construction, the food industry and the milling industry, among others.

Products such as PVC powder, resins and products containing fats or grease, which are sensitive to mechanical contact are properly packed by the PFG-10.


  • Gentle filling process
  • Optimal cleaning, easily accessible floor opening
  • Short maintenance times
  • Wear-free weighing technology by means of fully electronic weighing components


  • Automatic bag placer with bag magazin
  • Bag ejection devices
  • Welding or bag cleaning systems
  • Synchronization of multiple machines
  • Suction hood around the filling spout
  • Product collection systems and recirculation systems
  • Bag closing system: Ultrasonic sealing device

STV Ultrasonic sealing system

STV can be installed in new PFG-10 air packers or can be incorporated in existing machines. A hermetic seal prevents the product from becoming contaminated or leaking. The production capacity of a bagging line featuring the ultrasonic sealing of valve bags is around 200 bags per hour. To be sealed with this system, a valve bag must have an exterior valve or tube with a sealable coating made from polyethylene or Surlyn, for example.


  • Mineral products
  • Chemical products
  • Fertilisers/Salts
  • Grains/Pet Food
  • Flours
  • Food/Additives

Product Characteristics

  • bridging
  • sticky
  • powder