BIG-BAG comfort

Big-Bag comfort Principle

Bag: large container

Capacity: 15-35 bags/hour

The new SSB Big-Bag is a modular system for different applications. Easy handling, high-performance and an optional combination of ground and head weighing systems are characteristics of the new Big-Bag. An additional option is the height – adjustable filling port with a hydraulic lift system enabling different bag sizes to be used.

Composite Scale comprising upper weighing frame and lower weighing platform

The weighing system comprises to mechanically separated weighing systems which are electronically connected to an overall weighing system. This enables a Big-Bag to be weighed hanging or standing without the significant influence of high tare weights, lifting systems or product.

Dosing Systems

Different dosing systems available to suit the product characteristics, for coarse or fine feed for example:

  • Segment flap with 3 positions
  • Dosing screw; one for coarse and one for fine feed
  • Vibration tray with 2 speeds
  • Belt feeder with 2 speeds

Automatic Load Hooks

The rear load hooks are automatically moved to the front to facilitate the operator hanging the loops. The hooks open automatically after the filling or after the vibration cycle. The position of the hooks can be adjusted for different bag sizes.

Vibration/lifting Table

The vibration/lifting table is installed underneath the weighing platform and is mechanically decoupled from the weighing unit. For some products the vibrating table is absolutely essential to compress the product.

Inflation and venting device

The big-bags, especially those with inliners, must be inflated to ensure that the inliner can be in contact with the exterior wall of the bag.

  • Blower with motor and suction filter
  • Bypass nozzle for suction / venting
  • Pneumatically actuated shutoff valves

Height adjustment

The hydraulically operated height adjustment brings the bag to the optimum position when attaching and filling. This facility is essential when using different bag formats

  • Basic frame with hydraulic lifting device
  • Telescopic filling pipe
  • Frame with adjustable hooks
  • Optional positioning system


  • Mineral products
  • Chemical products
  • Fertilisers/Salts
  • Grains/Pet Food
  • Plastic/Granulates
  • Flours
  • Food/Additives
  • Recycling products

Product Characteristics

  • bridging
  • free flowing
  • granulated material
  • sticky
  • powder
  • small parts