FFS Bagging Machine


Bag: open mouth bag

Capacity: 300 – 400 bags/hour

ASSAC S10 is a gross weight bagging machine in which the weighing device is directly integrated into the filling spout. Main advantages are:

Easy cleaning in order to avoid “cross contamination”. Silos or other feeding systems can be placed at a lower position. It is suitable for those industries that require low outputs but change batches frequently.

ASSAC S15 is a special version incorporating several special features to make bagging powder or low size grain products feasible.

Special Features

  • Cleaning system to top sealing
  • Special sealing systems adapted to run with multilayer technical rolls
  • Forced air evacuation device for products that require maximum tightness.
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Capacity: 1.200 – 1.600 bags/hour

ASSAC L 10 is a FFS (Form-Fill and Seal) bagging machine of medium performance category. The bags are fed by a film roll, cut to length, filled and welded. It is suitable for granular light plastic products such as HDPE, LDPE, etc.

The result is a totally integrated and compact unit of medium output capacity, high automation level and easy control for the user.


Capacity: 2.200 bags/hour

The ASSAC F10 is a compact high-performance machine in which, like the L10 machine, bags are automatically fed by a film roll, cut to length, filled and welded.

Thus an extremely high production performance is achieved fully automatically. The product is fed via a servo-controlled PN / 90 net weighting machine and via a filling pipe with a dosing flap of the machine.


  • Chemical products
  • Fertilisers/Salts
  • Plastic/Granulates
  • Recycling products

Product Characteristics

  • free flowing
  • granulated material
  • small parts