Gross Weight Packer PB

Gross weigher with different dosing systems


Bag: open mouth bag

Capacity: up to 450 bags/hour


Semi-automatic bagging machines well suited for industries requiring a simple installation, low maintenance and considerable capacity.


Suitable for handling, sticky products or including small size particles such as additives for feed industry, starches, mild powder, etc. This model can be manufactured in stainless steel and with integrated dust extraction.

Dosing systems


Pneumatic clamp to control both coarse and fine feed. Suitable for free-flowing products such as grains, seeds, plastic pellets.


Belt conveyor driven by motor-gear. For irregular flowing products such as grains, seeds, plastic pellets or fertilizers


Double screw for both coarse and fine feed such as wheat flours, milled minerals and all sorts of powder products.


Pneumatic clamp to regular the coarse feed and vibration tray for the fine feed. Suitable for non free-flowing products.


  • Mineral products
  • Chemical products
  • Fertilisers/Salts
  • Grains/Pet Food
  • Plastic/Granulates
  • Flours
  • Food/Additives
  • Recycling products

Product Characteristics

  • bridging
  • free flowing
  • granulated
  • sticky
  • powder
  • small parts