Cooperation for the construction of the High Speed FFS bagging machine with the companies Payper S.A. and Beumer Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Representation agreement with Payper S.A. Spain

Relaunch of the company logo and the new corporate design

Relocation in the new company building, Industriepark Nord Buchholz

Development of mobile loading balances for logistic systems

Takeover of FIX Steimel employees as well as the stock of goods

Rent of additional parking spaces.

Development of a new design of the gross weigher BE 25.

Development of the Granulate Belt Thrower GWS 2000

Vertretungsvertrag mit Payper S.A., Spanien

Conversion of SSB Control Engineering GBR to SSB Wägetechnik GmbH

Extension of the company´s headquarters, purchase of an adjacent joinery

Mr. Agustin Lebrato left for private reasons

Relocation of company headquarters to Buchholz to Asbacher Straße 22

Installation of office and workshop buildings

Foundation of the SSB Steuerungsbau GBR (Lebrato and Partner) in Sankt Augustin.

Founding members: Agustin Lebrato, Fred Emps, Ulrich Korn