Granulate Belt Thrower

GWS 2000

Average filling weight: 30 - 90 t/hour

The granulate thrower is a filling appliance for rear-loading loose material into 20- to 0-ft containers. The appliance is suitable for all granulate and pellet-type products ranging in size from 1.5-10 mm (plastics, grain, animal feed, sugar, etc.).


The granulate thrower can be mounted on a supporting frame and, depending on a specific task, moved to the rear of the container. The supporting frame also features two platforms for the operator. The opening of the container liner is attached to the machine’s ejection funnel. The appliance can be started once the silo’s outflow is opened. The product is piped into the container using the GWS 2000.

Construction Features

Controlled addition of material

The granulate must be added separately and at a uniform rate to guarantee optimum product flow.

Drum structure

The length of the supply belt and drum radius are designed mainly to achieve optimum material speed.

Product ejection funnel

This is a connecting piece suitable for the size of both the drum and supply belt. It prevents material from being ejected laterally.


The necessary emergency shut-off feature and safety circuits are integrated into the controller. A frequency converter is used to activate the drive motor of the bulk throwing unit.


The unit’s frame consists of a robust steel structure. The roller and shaft supports are fitted with high-performance self-aligning bearings. The unit can be moved along guiding rollers.

Belt replacement

The belt is specially designed to cope with maximum rotation speeds. No component of the machine needs to be removed in order to change the belt.


  • Fertilisers/Salts
  • Grains/Pet Food
  • Plastic/Granulates

Product Characteristics

  • free flowing
  • granulated material