CSA Bagging Machine

CSA bag placers series is the most suitable solution for those industries who require maximum reliability and automation level for their bagging lines. CSA can handle paper, PE and woven PP (PE coated) bags. All models can be supplied in both gross and net weight configuration according to the requested output.

Serie 70/90/100

Bags: open mouth bags without gussets

Capacity: 700 - 1.400 bags/hour

Models designed to handle pillow-type bags (no side-gussets).Suitable for free-flowing or high density products that assure bag stability on the belt conveyor once filled.

Serie 75/95/105

Bags: open mouth bags with gussets

Capacity: 500 - 1.600 bags/hour

Proper versions to handle side-gusseted and PINCH-type bags. They incorporate motorised bag guiding system for powdery or low-density products that becomes in unstable bags on the belt conveyor.  It also guarantees that bag is delivered horizontally to the closing machine, specially when handling PINCH type bags.


  • Mineral products
  • Chemical products
  • Fertilisers/Salts
  • Grains/Pet Food
  • Food/Additives
  • Recycling products

Product Characteristics

  • bridging
  • free flowing
  • granulated material
  • sticky
  • powder
  • small parts